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About Wesley

I was raised in Silicon Valley and grew up with the hustle and bustle of innovation and technology all around me. My career working in dynamic companies gave me court-side seats to the integral lives of top executives and how they interact with their teams. Watching capable leaders struggle with intense work stress and try to balance personal growth with professional success gave me a passionate heart for executive coaching.

I started asking myself “Why are successful leaders constantly suffering from burnout?” and “What can I do to lead them toward more balanced, impactful and fulfilling lives?”. These leaders were already experts in their field, but I knew with a little guidance they could find better balance, enhance their leadership voice and make a stronger impact on their teams.


How about you? Are you ready to lead with greater impact? Together, let's build a better way.

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Coaching Style

Guided Self-Discovery

As my client, I believe you are the expert in your own life. My role is to facilitate self-discovery and introduce habits that help lead you to long-term growth. I believe in empathetic, active listening and unconditional positive regard. I approach every session with objectivity and always provide unbiased guidance, creating a safe space for you to openly discuss challenges and explore solutions.

A key framework that will drive our time together is the Dream Big Framework, which involves asking powerful questions and creating awareness to help you discover your own path to success. Together we will unlock those 'aha' moments and challenge the beliefs that are limiting your potential. Let's get started!

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Commitment to Learning 

I believe growth is a lifelong journey. That's why I have an innate curiosity for best-in-class coaching practices and am constantly growing my knowledge through industry expert publications and studying classic models of philosophy and psychology.

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To ensure I am providing the best guidance, I am also involved in several networking groups with other executive coaches. These professional groups, both online and offline, provide opportunities to discuss trends, share insights, and learn from the experiences of others. Additionally, I am under the mentorship of my own executive coach and several brand coaches. Are you committed to learning? 

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Commitment to Balance

In our sessions, we will talk about work-life balance and how to live a fulfilling life outside the office. I find my own balance by being as active as possible in the Bay Area. When I'm not working, I can be found social dancing, surfing, bouldering, reading new personal development books and going on road trips with best friends.

As a first generation American, I love traveling via weekend trips and internationally, where I enjoy meeting and connecting with new people. I also believe faith, in all its forms, is an important part of a fulfilling and balanced life. Personally, my Christian faith is a strong part of my identity and most of my values are rooted in my faith.


If you are looking for balance in your life, I can help outline strategies and provide the accountability you need to succeed.

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